How to Navigate the Struggles on your Business Journey

Jul 23, 2020

On this final episode of The Creative Steam, Series One, I talk to guest Sanae Floyd about how to navigate the struggles on your business journey.

Sanae also shares her inspiring story of how she cleared 50k of debt in 9 months. Nothing short of amazing! *MUST LISTEN TO*

How do you navigate the struggles on your business journey then?

Sanae talks about three Gatekeepers of Growth;

The Plateau

  • You’re excited, enthusiastic and then you suddenly lose momentum and feel like you’re wading through treacle!

The Dark Night of the Soul

  • You’ve come out the other side from some healing, or a programme uncovering some insights and now feel lost, weepy and down in the dumps. You start to revisit some old familiar patterns and behaviour.

The Uplevel Ledge

  • The one that can last for a very long time! Feel like you’re stagnating and not moving forward.

Listen to the episode to hear how to navigate through them and come out the other side and off the struggle bus!

You can read the full article Sanae has written HERE

Need help navigating the struggles?

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Written by Amanda Kerin

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