5 tips to help keep you sane & productive working from home

Apr 30, 2020

In this podcast I share five tips that will help keep you sane and productive working from home, so you can get more out of your day and keep your creativity alive


The secret to getting stuff done is creating your daily routine using all the benchmarks in your day e.g. wake up time, get up time, shower, dress, breakfast, kids’ breakfast, lunch, dinner, change for bed, sleep. Freestyling at weekends is great, but the body loves routine, so stick to some key benchmarks that you have during Monday to Friday. Routine is the key ingredient so everything else falls into place. 


Create a working schedule around your daily routine so you block out time to work. Identify which times of the week work well for certain themes e.g. hosting client calls, replying to emails or creating content. Or perhaps think about the role you need to step into e.g. Leader, Creative or Admin. Structure a schedule around that to ensure you’ll be most effective.


Cementing new habits isn’t the easiest undertaking, but linking them to your routine and schedule is an easy way to start. Use what you already have in your routine and build on that to create new habits around the benchmarks e.g. after getting ready in the morning, follow it by spending 30-minutes going through your private emails or reflection time for personal growth. Your cues are the start and end time of what you’ve already got in your day. Create habits around those pre-existing benchmarks and habits will become easier to implement.


When working from home, it’s easy for the lines to become blurred between work, personal and family time, especially with easy access to screens and different forms of communication. It’s important to set boundaries around your routine, schedule and habits to ensure a healthy mix of work and play. They can be difficult to enforce as your loved ones and clients will see a change, but once you’ve done it once, they’ll get easier. Think about when you want to work with clients, when you take time off, around your phone, social media and holidays.

Creativity and fun

You need to make time to keep your creativity flowing away from your business, as it helps keep your mental and emotional health in check. Take up a personal creative project or challenge yourself to do something new – what have you always wanted to do, but never had time to do? Take up that creative writing drawing class or, sign up to that baking course – you won’t regret it! It’s important to be creative away from your business as that’s when inspirations flows; in your downtime! Let those ideas flow…you never know where they might take you!

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Written by Amanda Kerin

Amanda Kerin is the founder of Creative Women’s Mastermind, an online Mastermind & Co-working Community. "It’s my mission to connect women in business working from home to alleviate isolation. We accelerate our businesses, learn from experts and each other, and get stuff done. Think of us as your board of savvy business women who have fun too!"

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