Mastermind Group for Women in Business

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Mastermind Group & Coworking Community for Women in Business.

The Mastermind Group for Women in Business!

You’re a solopreneur who wants to build and grow your service based business online, but you’re stuck in a rut

You work on your own at home and feel disconnected, lost and a bit lonely

You’re frustrated with having just the walls to bounce ideas off

You try to be productive but time flies by and you never get through the To Do list…

You want to be financially independent, have the flexibility & lifestyle you know your business online can bring    

Get clarity, increase your confidence and make real connections to help you stay sane!


Bounce ideas around to find solutions, take action, and grow your business.

Does this sound familiar?


☛ You’re overwhelmed and not sure where to start

☛ You often criticise your own efforts and fall into a negative spin

☛ You procrastinate and lose your focus

☛ You lack support and encouragement from family and friends

☛ You go around in circles not moving forward

☛ You get stuck and confused

☛ You shy away from getting your business seen 

So how about if I told you I’ve got something that will give you:

☛ That human connection with like-minded women who understand the journey

☛ Encouragement and support to turn your ideas, dreams and hopes into action

☛ Some business buddies to work with and bounce ideas off, so you can achieve your goals and grow your business!

☛ That love for your business again so you enjoy the journey and create financial independence to have the lifestyle you dream about. 

Join a Mastermind Group for Women in Business to help you go from fed up to fired up!

How do I know how you’re feeling?

Because this is exactly how I felt when I was working at home all day on my own.
It affected my confidence, creativity and my income.
That’s why I created Creative Women’s Mastermind as I knew I couldn’t possibly be the only one!

Hi, I’m Amanda, Founder of Creative Women’s Mastermind, a straight-talking Somerset Girl who fell in love
unexpectedly and moved to the French Alps.

I became lonely and isolated living in the mountains. My confidence, creativity and income were taking a real hit because I was missing company in my day.

That’s why I decided to create my own virtual network centred around connection.

And, voila!

A Mastermind Group & Coworking Community for Women in Business was born!

No more feeling lonely & isolated because with company in my working day now, it has helped with my clarity, grow my confidence and increase my income.

I’m not the only one. When one rises, we all rise.


Introducing your Mastermind Group & Coworking Community!


We meet amazing solopreneurs working from home who mastermind and cowork together.

Join experts who share skills and knowledge to help us all accelerate and grow our businesses together.

We help keep you productive, focused and accountable.

We facilitate sessions in our intimate supportive community so you can connect with women just like you to get stuff done and grow your business!

We’re a virtual Mastermind Group & Coworking Community for Women in Business working from home building and growing their service based business online.

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What our members say

I joined the Mastermind Lounge about three months ago and have already achieved so much!

To be honest, when I joined, I was a little nervous about the time commitment. When you look at it on paper, it looks like a lot – and I wasn’t sure I would get value for money if I didn’t attend every session. But the cancellation policy meant if I didn’t like it I could cancel straight away, so I felt like I had nothing to lose by taking a look!

I soon came to realise that by committing …. read more

Kathryn King

Mastermind Lounge Member

I am so pleased that Creative Women’s Mastermind – and Amanda Kerin – came into my life just when I needed it. Amanda spotted a need and she’d filled it beautifully. The Lounge works because of her vision and how much she puts into it.

The support within the Lounge is just incredible and the co-working, masterminding and content creation sessions are easily the most productive hours of my week.  In short – belonging to the Lounge has taken me from lost and fearful in business to confident, purposeful and focused. Thank you Amanda!

Louise Portass

Mastermind Lounge Member

I started off joining Amanda’s free group which was amazing, lots of support from herself and the group members. I had so much value from here that when she launched her new group, I jumped at the chance! I’ve been part of The mastermind Lounge for a few weeks now and I love it!

At first I was a little worried about what it would be like, who would I have to talk to and what would I have to do! But I thought, if it’s going to help me be more productive and accountable in my business (and trust me, I need it) then why not! What have I got to lose? I’m new in my field and I need all the support i can get! Well! By now I have clarity, I have a new clients and I have earned my first …read more

Kim Cullen

Mastermind Lounge Member

Want to hear more from the members of The Mastermind Lounge?

You can watch more testimonials on our YouTube channel

The Lounge members benefit from:

Weekly Mastermind Group

This is where the gold is! We meet online, bringing our projects for feedback and ideas. Finding solutions using each other’s expertise, knowledge and skills. Together, we plan our actions to accelerate and grow our businesses. Join a mastermind group for women in business each week. 

(One week 10am, alternate week 5pm, UK time.)

Virtual Coworking sessions

The ultimate productivity session focused on getting stuff done, especially if you need a routine! These will be the most productive hours of your working week – guaranteed! We chat and connect in the break. Four sessions a week*.

(Weekly Tues & Thurs, 10am & 5pm, UK time)

Members only Community

Connect with like-minded women from around the world who understand the business journey. Creative Women who get it. Women who aren’t here with a sales agenda but are here to grow. Build real friendships, get support and feel part of a community.



Learning Spotlight

 Your chance to get tuition from experts and members monthly. Grow your network with fellow Masterminders. 
Videos and resources from the Learning Spotlight are accessible 24/7 for your learning pleasure! (One month hosted at 10am, alternate month is 5pm UK time)

90 Day Goal Planning

Get crystal clear on your goals! Plan your next 90 days and achieve what you’re working towards. This is where accountability comes in – we hold you to your goals and check in with you weekly to see how you’re progressing.

Regular Challenges

Feel the fear and do it anyway! We set regular challenges to stretch you out of your comfort zone. Think facebook lives, lead generation, habits, and skills etc.

Meet the Members

Grow your network and increase your collaboration. Meet and connect with your fellow solopreneurs. Socialise outside of our mastermind & coworking sessions. (One month hosted at 10am, alternate month is 5pm UK time)

Virtual Coffee

Join your fellow members for an online cuppa and have a chat for 10 minutes before you start each coworking session. Get the talking out of your system so you can crack on with being productive! (Weekly Tues and Thurs, 9:50am & 4:50pm, UK time)

*Creative Women’s Mastermind hosts four coworking sessions every week on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Members voluntarily run ad-hoc coworking sessions at other days and times in the week. You have a dedicated zoom link for the membership.

We have an online sessions calendar so it’s easy to know what’s happening when.  

Read our FAQ’s on the contact page or email

   Powerful mastermind group for women in business 

   Coworking sessions to focus and be productive

   Accountability to achieve your goals

   Shared knowledge, skills and experience

   Virtual coffee chats to build valuable friendships

    Connection and support

    Collaborations and opportunities

    Increase your clarity, confidence and focus

    Safe helpful community to brainstorm with 

    Grow your business, mindset and network

Time to join us




£49 monthly payment. Cancel anytime. 



Monthly payment

12 months membership & 1-1 monthly coaching



Payment plan available

12 weeks 1-1 coaching

What value will you get from your membership?

Weekly Mastermind Group ($397)

Each week you get the opportunity to mastermind, brainstorm your ideas, get clarity on your next steps and make an action plan. Masterminds are super powerful. Build on your success and grow your business using the hive mind.

Weekly Coworking sessions ($127)

Connect with your coworkers, get productive, focused and have accountability, encouraging you to meet your goals. These sessions are incredibly impactful & you’ll find yourself getting so much more done!

24/7 Community Support (Priceless)

Inside the Facebook group – the Lounge – is an exceptional community, the support and vibe is like no other! Members are from all over the world so there’s always someone around to get that sense check or boost when you need it most! 


Learning Spotlight ($127)

Tuition from experts and members on business topics to help you grow your business. 24/7 access.

90 Day Action Plan ($197)

Every quarter, set your goals with an action plan for the next 90 days.

Weekly Group Accountability ($197)

Weekly group accountability and mid-week check in.  

Monthly Meet the Members ($95)

Meet & connect with your fellow members globally and grow your network, increase your opportunities and collaborate.

Virtual Coffee (Priceless)

Have company and conversation in your day and join us for an online cuppa 10 minutes before you start each coworking session.


Why stay fed up when you can get fired up?




£49 monthly payment. Cancel anytime. 



Monthly payment

12 months membership & 1-1 monthly coaching



Payment plan available

12 weeks 1-1 coaching

I joined the Creative Women’s Mastermind after hearing a comment on a FB Live. As soon as I joined, I knew it was the perfect community for me. Within a day, I’d joined the Mastermind Lounge. Everyone is kind and encouraging, and if you need feedback or support, you get it. I love the co-working sessions and comradery. We have a bit of a giggle during the break, which is lovely and helps lighten the load. Highly recommended.

Anna Sylvester

Mastermind Lounge Member

I found the mastermind by chance and joined after a few days lurking in the free facebook group. Now I’m one month in and I enjoy it so much! It’s such a nice place, with great energy where you get together and get stuff done, absolutely brilliant!
Just the type of space I was looking for!

Alessia Pandolfi

Mastermind Lounge Member

This is a great opportunity to work with other business-minded women and share in the joys/frustrations/issues of business in the 21st century.

Diana Dee

Mastermind Lounge Member

To see our frequently asked questions or to ask us a question, please visit our contact page

Is The Mastermind Lounge right for you?

Some pointers below to help you decide.

Our Mastermind Group & Coworking Community

is a good fit for you if:

 …..You want to connect with women just like you, who also work on their service based business from home building and growing it online. You want to have more clarity, feel more confident and achieve your goals.

You’re happy to share experience, knowledge and skills. Please remember that giving and receiving is a two way street. It helps all of us!

…..You’re committed to taking action; to creating routine, structure and schedule; to holding yourself accountable by showing up, putting in the time and energy that’s needed to grow your business

…..You want to learn from our experts and believe that hard work pays off and overnight successes aren’t real?!

…..You’re willing to contribute and know that investing in yourself and your business will be rewarding in the long-term.

…..You’ve already started your business and are responsible for getting clients and your cash flow. You want to be part of a community who are there to connect, support each other and help them build and grow a service based business online. 

Our Mastermind Group & Coworking Community

may NOT be for you if:

…..You aren’t dedicated to spending time with other members to help and support each other on this business journey.

…..You’re looking for an overnight success/quick fix for your business. We’re here for ongoing support, connection and bouncing ideas around to find solutions to grow our businesses.

…..You don’t believe that balance is key for women in business and know that personal development is also important.

…..You’re only looking to sell your services/products. We encourage collaboration and supporting our members businesses, but there’s a balance. 

…..You’re focused on 6 figure business and perfect social media highlights. We’re about keeping things real, sharing the highs and the lows of business; including tears and laughter.

…..You’re not willing to dedicate time to grow your business, work productively, share and exchange experiences, set goals, and grow your network.  

Want to learn 15 ways to find new clients and grow your business?