A day in the life of a woman in business working from home…

Sep 21, 2019

If you’re a woman in business building your enterprise from your kitchen table, or you’re lucky enough to have a desk, you may know how tricky some days can be. Your energy is up and down, there’s a million and one things on the life admin list, let alone trying to grow your business and find clients, do marketing and seeking out opportunities.

You sit down at your desk, turn on your computer all fired up and ready to start your day with the best intentions but when you see the screen, you’re mind instantly goes into overwhelm mode and you’re not entirely sure where to begin. You talk to yourself and say c’mon, I’m a woman in business, I’ve been through a lot more that this and I’m made of stronger stuff!

1) You start the day with the best intentions and set your goals to be achieved 

2) You wake up, do your morning routine and feel that you’re on a roll 

3) You get to your desk, stare at your screen for a minute and think where on earth do I begin!

4) You open facebook, get distracted and then remember you’re meant to be ‘marketing’ 

5) An hour has just disappeared so you get another cup of tea 

6) Back at your desk, you look at your list and are still feeling confused and overwhelmed about where to start doing ‘all the things’ 

7) You have a word with yourself and get on with the priorities and have a ‘productive’ 20 minutes before you start feeling peckish…


9) Back to your desk again and you do some more ‘marketing’ 

10) You restrict your time on social media and get back to your to-do list as you’re feeling energised after lunch 

11) You tell yourself you’re going to have a more productive afternoon 

12) You get into creating some content and the doubts start creeping in 

13) You remember all the chores that need doing around the house and go and wash up your lunch stuff 

14) You also notice the kitchen needs hoovering so you act on the spur of the moment and get it done 

15) Feeling productive, you head back to your desk for a final stint of work and 20 minutes later you remember to pick the kids up from school and need to start thinking about dinner! 

16) You leave your office saying ‘tomorrow will be a more productive day’ 

Does this sound familiar?!

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Written by Amanda Kerin

Amanda Kerin is the founder of Creative Women’s Mastermind, an online Mastermind & Co-working Community. "It’s my mission to connect women in business working from home to alleviate isolation. We accelerate our businesses, learn from experts and each other, and get stuff done. Think of us as your board of savvy business women who have fun too!"

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