The three books that have changed my business for the better this year

Sep 8, 2020

When you feel frustrated that your business isn’t growing as fast as you would like, and yet you feel like you’re doing all the things but they aren’t working, what do you do?

  • Learn from the people who have trodden the path before you and built a successful business
  • Read three books that will change your business on the topics that you’re specifically looking for help on
  • Take what you’ve learnt and apply it to your business
  • Make a new plan, track and measure your results
  • Tweak and adjust as you go and have fun!

These are the three books that have changed my business over the last couple of months where I’ve seen 40% growth. Improvements and tweaks are being made every week and my mindset is focused on it being an experiment.

If you’re business isn’t growing, take a step back to learn what you need to learn so you can implement what you need to into your business.

Book #1 – The 12 Week Year by Brian Moran & Michael Lennington

I’m a driven person who loves achieving goals but I’ll admit that they did move around a little bit – we were operating on a flexible system! 

I needed some extra help to stay focused and achieve what I set out to achieve in one year. And That’s where the 12 week year comes in.

What is it?

This book is about redefining your year and making it 12 weeks instead of 12 months, and doing that four times a year. Therefore getting more done in 12 weeks than others do in 12 months. 

Brian Moran and Micahel Lennington talk about taking one week at a time, blocking your time and measuring your goals. Time blocking isn’t new for me, but I learnt to tweak my system and incorporate what was recommended in the book so I get more out of my week and also schedule in more dedicated time for growth. 

With any goal, you start off with enthusiasm, then life happens and before you know it you’re off track. Measuring your progress and a weekly accountability club can make all the difference. Watch this space for more info coming before the end of the year. If you want to achieve those dreams in 2021, sign up here to find out more.

How has it changed my business?

I’ve got more done, been much more productive, focused and committed to doing the work and achieving my goals. I measure my progress with stats each week. It’s amazing to see why things have and haven’t happened. i.e. When I have a week with a 100% mindset, my results are far better than a week with a 66% mindset! 

If we did the things we are capable of doing, we would literally astound ourselves. Thomas Edison

Book #2 – Linked Inbound by Sam Rathling

Feeling a little disillusioned with facebook and Instagram, I decided to try out LinkedIn as I had been hearing that more and more women in business are moving onto the platform. They are my target market so I thought I wanted to try it and experiment for a few weeks.

I was curious as I had always thought Linkedin was full of ‘corporate’ stuffy men, but it has definitely changed as a social media platform and continues to go from strength to strength.

I bought this book on kindle first and it was SO good, I had to buy the hard copy and now I’m reading it for the second time!

It’s jam packed with value and Sam Rathling shares lots of strategies on how to grow your linkedIn so you get leads coming into your inbox. There’s also lots of case studies of the success people have with the platform. 

What is it?

A book sharing social selling strategies to generate leads from LinkedIn. Sam covers what you can do to enhance your profile, build your connections and sell on LinkedIn.

How has it changed my business?

I’ve implemented some of Sam’s recommendations to my profile and also tried some of the strategies from the book. In the first week I had two inbound messages from women who are now members of Creative Women’s Mastermind. 

LinkedIn is powerful and this book shows you how to get the most out of it to improve your profile, sell socially and grow your business. 

I’ve also created a spreadsheet to track my stats to track what my audience is resonating with. Social media is way more strategic and fun that it has ever been in the past.

Want help growing your business? Let’s connect and see what action you can take today!

Book #3 – Profit First – Mike Michalowicz

This book has come up in my sphere a couple of times in the last few weeks so I thought it was time to see what all the fuss was about.

And there’s a good reason for all the fuss!

What is it?

Mike Michalowicz talks about how to transform your business from a cash-eating Monster to a money making machine.

The idea is simple. You take profit first before anything else.

You start with a health assessment on your business, then organise your accounts into 5 different buckets, plus 2 additional buckets that are hard to touch.

There were tears when I did my health assessment and when I was done licking my wounds, it was time to act, make decisions and implement big changes.

You’ve got to remember why you went into business, and I bet it wasn’t to work harder than you’ve ever worked before for less money!

How has it changed my business?

I introduced my 1-1 coaching service again, which was planned anyway, and created new packages.

Without the packages even on my website, I now have three 1-1 clients and a profitable business that is growing every week. 

I highly recommend all of these books and I’m still referring back to them all now. With anything you read, it’s about taking inspired action to implement what you’ve learnt. That’s when you will start to see changes in your business.

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Written by Amanda Kerin

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