How to give your business confidence a boost

Sep 22, 2020

Sometimes, your confidence can wane during your business journey when you’re not getting the results you want.

If you’re working at home alone, you can get caught up in your own head too much and lose perspective if you’re having a tough day.

That’s why company in your day is so important.

You can go into your shell and hide but in business you need to be VISIBLE and CONFIDENT.

And that can be tough when you’re not feeling very confident at all!

These tips will help give your business confidence a little boost:

  • Raise your energy by moving, dancing or singing before doing a task that pushes you out of your comfort zone – the aim is to lift your spirits and increase your vibration. Find your inner Beyonce or your inner weirdo and dance like no-one is watching!
  • Take CONSISTENT action regardless of how you feel (moving through the feelings by taking action will really help you).
  • Role play what you’re afraid of (I love doing this with my clients (they don’t always, but it’s a really fun and creative way to help alleviate those fears).
  • Write a list of everyone you’ve helped and how. Aim for about 10-15 occasions on that list!
  • Before you connect with someone, approach it with a ‘being helpful’ attitude. Try not to get caught up in dramatising that self doubt!
  • Get a plan of action. The more certain you are about what you have to do and when, you’ll be moving forward in your business before you know it.

If you want to work on your confidence, let’s talk. Book a call today.

The less time you have to think about what to do, the less the mindset monkeys will go and exercise in your mind gym!

Make sure you work on your mindset every day, give from a place of love rather than expectation and know how you can help your ideal client get the results they want.

Act as if you make a difference and know that you do count.

Give your business 100% commitment.

Do things that build your confidence account and make deposits regularly and you will start to feel more confident sooner than you realise.

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Written by Amanda Kerin

Amanda Kerin is the founder of Creative Women’s Mastermind, an online Mastermind & Co-working Community. "It’s my mission to connect women in business working from home to alleviate isolation. We accelerate our businesses, learn from experts and each other, and get stuff done. Think of us as your board of savvy business women who have fun too!"

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