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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Mastermind?

A mastermind is when a group of like-minded women get together to accelerate their businesses through shared expertise, knowledge and skills.

The masterminds are a safe space bounce ideas around, help you make decisions, receive support and expertise to help you move forward in business.

You typically get 10-15 minutes in the ‘hot seat’ to discuss what’s on your mind with the intention of getting more knowledge, clarity and confidence to help  you move forward.

We’ll mastermind a plan together to get you laser focused, so you can achieve your business goals. Make the most of the hive mind!

How do the Masterminds work?
We meet in a zoom room online and breakout into smaller groups and get busy masterminding together. We’ll stay as one mastermind group if there are 7 of us or less. Members get 10-15 mins each to share their creative obstacles and ask for other members to support them in solving it.
When are the Mastermind sessions?

Mastermind sessions take placethe 1st & 3rd Wednesday of the month.

Please email if you would like more information.

Our online sessions are always in the UK time zone at 10am.

What are the benefits of the mastermind?

Support, focus, accountability, expertise, knowledge are just some of the benefits of a Mastermind. They are a powerful resource to help you grow your business. They provide the space where you can bounce ideas around, find solutions, help you make a decision, get a sense check on an idea you’ve got spinning around your head!

You’re able to get help and support, and get access to skills, experience and knowledge that will help you move forward and achieve your goals.

You’ll gain clarity, grow in confidence and get clients so you increase your profit and ultimately live the life you intended to when starting your business!

In words from the members of the lounge;

‘the masterminds are invaluable. You get to bounce ideas off a group of like minded women, receive different perspectives and expert knowledge. You also get to build relationships with real women who understand the journey. Think of us as your board of savvy business women who keep you moving forward, whilst also holding you accountable and staying sane!’

Read more about the benefits members’ have discovered  here

Do I need to attend every mastermind?
You attend as many masterminds as you like that fit with your schedule.

If you attend the mastermind, you must be there from start to finish out of respect and courtesy to your fellow masterminders.

Masterminds can vary in length, so we recommend you put aside 1- 2 hours.

Can I attend more than one mastermind?
Yes, you can attend as many as you like.
What is a coworking session?
In a nutshell, getting stuff done!

They’re a powerful online session of focus, productivity and accountability with your new coworkers. No more talking to the dog! You’ll have company and support now working from home!

They’re two hour sessions although you can dip in and out as it fits with your schedule.

You can read more about them on our blog

How do the coworking sessions work?

We meet in a zoom room online. We declare what we want to get done by the end of the session and hold each other accountable. We host 2 x 55 minute working sessions. We take a 5 minute break to have a natter. If you’re focused and in the flow, you don’t have to take the break.

When are the coworking sessions?

I personally host 2 coworking sessions in the week; Tues & Thurs 10am uk time.

Members pro actively ask for coworking buddies when they’re looking for some company and accountability.

Here’s a handy timezone tool to find out the time where you are. Or google it!

Our online calendar makes it simple to see when the coworking sessions are as it converts into your timezone too!

Please email if you would like more information. 

All our sessions are on a UK time zone at 10am.

When are the virtual coffee chats?

Virtual coffee chats take place 10 minutes before the coworking sessions. If you want to chat before getting stuff done, pop in the zoom room before the coworking session begins! 

What Learning Spotlights are in The Lounge and how often are they?

We have a Learning Spotlight every month. 30 minutes of education and 15 minutes to discuss further in breakout groups. We record the learning spotlight so you can watch again anytime.

So far in the lounge, our masterclasses include:

Perk up your Pinterest with Louise Portass

Law of Attraction with Sanae Floyd

Learnt to write copy that calls in your tribe with This Sister Scribes 

Creating your Vision Board

How to create your own 12 month profitable launch calendar with Amber Rose Thomas

Attracting Clients with Tiff Gilleland 

Bulletproof Branding with Jen Cairns

How to Nourish You AND Nourish your Biz with Louise Portass

Building a powerful visibility strategy with Kandi Fivaz

Aligning your Content Creation with your Business Goals – Rachel Forcella

How to go from Chaos to Clients without the Overwhelm! – by me, Amanda Kerin

I'm worried about the time commitment, and don't want to be overwhelmed.

I hear you! It’s completely up to you how many sessions you want to attend and how much you want to be involved in the lounge. I understand that life is already busy. 

That said, the sessions are guaranteed to become an powerful element of your weekly structure and routine so aim to incorporate the sessions that work best for your in your diary.

You’re also connecting and building relationships with real humans and that provides lots of business opportunities and collaborations.

You still work on your business and get stuff done. Probably more so, because we all hold each other accountable and you’re focused and productive. We help you avoid procrastination and distractions! 

The added bonus is that you get some company with chat and fun in your day with women who understand what this business journey is like. 

And members are around all times of day and night to cowork with so you really don’t have to make the scheduled sessions all the time.

What level of business are the women in the lounge?

The women in the lounge are working towards growing their businesses online.

Most members have their 1-1 client bread and butter work and are focused on scaling and growing their business online so they’re not exchanging time for money in the future.

A lot of members have been in business a number of years and are on their second, third or fourth evolution.

Wherever  you are in your journey, if you’re looking for more connection, fun and support working from home with a community of like minded women, you’re in the right place!

Give it a try!


If you have any other questions or want to find out a little more, please contact us today at

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