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Dec 21, 2020

Lifting the lid on The Creative Women’s Mastermind Group for Women in Business

Finding like-minded women with similar goals who experience the same business ups, downs and quandaries is priceless – as is the peer to peer advice.

What is a mastermind group?

A mastermind group is a like minded group of women in business who meet regularly and are committed to growing their businesses. Creative Women’s Mastermind does this by bringing women together to share their expertise, knowledge and skills. That shared experience helps you accelerate your business and increase your bottom line.

The members of The Mastermind Lounge members are motivated to grow their business working from home. They’re entrepreneurial and inspiring and are committed to sharing their creative ideas on common struggles and frustrations you might experience. They provide invaluable support and encourage you to keep going during the tough times.

You could attend in-person masterminds normally (not at the moment due to covid) although modern technology makes it more efficient to mastermind online. That’s what The Mastermind Lounge is, the membership community of Creative Women’s Mastermind, an online mastermind & coworking community.

Or your could find at niche Mastermind with one expert leader. There, the expert will share their expertise and knowledge with a specific objective in mind. That might include how to launch your podcast, from 5 to 6 figure business, starting your Coaching practice etc.

In Creative Women’s Mastermind we focus on building, scaling and growing your business online by sharing each others knowledge, expertise, and experiences to accelerate your progress.

 You have a ‘board’ of savvy businesswomen you can rely on to give you support, advice and the odd kick up the backside when you need it!

How do Mastermind groups help female entrepreneurs?

Put simply, you move the needle in your business to help you get from your A to your B, increase your bottom line and also grow as an individual and business leader.

You’ll make quicker progress in a more efficient way with a mastermind group for women compared to being left to your own devices at home, trying to figure it out on your own.

What you receive in return from the mastermind group, depends on how much you put into it, like anything else. 

Here are some other ways a mastermind group for women in business can help you:


It’s one thing attending the mastermind, engaging and brainstorming your challenges with your board of savvy business women. But, it’s another actually taking action and committing to getting the work done. It does not do itself!

At Creative Women’s Mastermind, we run coworking sessions every Tuesday and Thursday. This provides you with the focused and productive opportunity every week to show up in your business and get stuff done. And our members regularly cowork outside of these sessions too. You can book your coworking session here and try it too!

I joined the Mastermind Lounge about three months ago and have already achieved so much!

To be honest, when I joined, I was a little nervous about the time commitment. When you look at it on paper, it looks like a lot – and I wasn’t sure I would get value for money if I didn’t attend every session. But the cancellation policy meant if I didn’t like it I could cancel straight away, so I felt like I had nothing to lose by taking a look!

I soon came to realise that by committing to the sessions and blocking out that time in my calendar, I was making a commitment to working productively on my business. Those hours I spend as part of the co-working and content creation sessions are easily the most productive of my week.

Also, the support I have received from the women in the Mastermind sessions is phenomenal! You spend time together as part of the mastermind and co-working sessions and you really get to know each other and each other’s businesses.

I couldn’t be happier with the time and financial investment I have made in myself and my business as a result of joining the mastermind, and can’t recommend it highly enough.

Setting Goals and Achieving them

An important part of a mastermind group is setting and achieving your goals. It’s about setting the right goal for you and making a clear action plan to make it a reality.

I know only too well that working from home can provide a million and one distractions. You can feel a bit lonely, losing focus, procrastinating over the laundry or scrolling the social to avoid doing a task!

Community – support, connection & friendship

Let’s be honest, some days are better than others. Sometimes your confidence is on the floor, other times it’s off the scale. You win clients then you have to deal with difficult situations and reassess your boundaries!

Working at home on your own does not help in the highs and lows you experience in your business every day. Sometimes you just want someone to connect with a real human, even if they are on a screen. 

I know you would like to share those moments with women who understand what the business journey is like. To share with women who understand what you’re experiencing. You will get to know these amazing women, they will know your business. So that they can help guide you through those tough times and also share the highs with you.

Don’t underestimate the power of a supportive community, this is the best thing about Creative Women’s Mastermind. You can see what the members say about it here.

You’re here to grow your business and increase your bottom line. But, underneath that, you want to enjoy your life, have fun and not work on weekends! I get that you want to spend time with your friends and family and not miserable at home every day. That isn’t serving you or your clients.

Make the journey more fun and connect with our members today, they will soon be your friends 😉 

Finding like-minded women with similar goals who experience the same business ups, downs and quandaries is priceless – as is the peer to peer advice.


Niche mastermind groups, usually involve an expert leader disseminating information. In other masterminds, including Creative Women’s mastermind, we believe everyone’s expertise, knowledge and experience to be extremely valuable. That’s why we share what we can to help you grow your business.

And that’s not all! We also host regular expert masterclasses outside of the mastermind group. We cover topics that you want to go deeper on; such as Pinterest, Launch strategy, Content strategy, Facebook ads, Copywriting. 

You’re able to learn these at your own pace. The expert is also a member of the community (for a period of time) to enable you to ask questions.

Expertise is invaluable when you’re growing a business and it’s not always an affordable option to have 1-1 tuition. It allows you to progress quicker because you have the tools and the know-how to make your goal happen.

Increase your bottom line

Mastermind groups for women in business ultimately help you gain more clients and increase your bottom line. We help you get to that point quicker and more efficiently. We focus on helping you grow your business through problem solving, being opportunity focused, having a clear plan and getting stuff done. All to help you accelerate your progress, make more money so you can enjoy your life.

I know you don’t want to be working weekends and keep butting your head against the desk. It doesn’t have to be like that.

You have a community of experts eager to welcome you and help you on your business journey. 


Overwhelmed, juggling everything, burnt out, losing focus on what’s important, frustrated learning to say no – I get it!

All the above can result in losing clarity and sometimes confidence and cash too!

I understand that you want to enjoy your purpose driven business. You want to make an impact and that you want it to fund your lifestyle.  

Sometimes it’s easy to keep getting caught in the weeds of your business. That’s why a mastermind group for women in business can help you get clear on your plan ahead. We help you get to the nitty gritty and help you get a clear plan of action going forward -that one important thing that you need to focus on.

If you are not a member of the Creative Women’s Mastermind, you are seriously missing out right now!

I literally stumbled onto Amanda and her Creative Women’s Mastermind by chance (although I am not really one to believe in coincidences). I was reading up on the Mastermind concept she was advertising because I hadn’t really heard of or experienced it before and decided I was joining months before the program was officially launched because it truly sounded like exactly what I needed in my business.

By joining the Creative Women’s Mastermind, I have become more focused in my business, I have gotten so much more accomplished, I have gained clarity on my short-term and long-term goals, I have way more accountability because of the community and culture, and I have gained some amazing lifelong friends throughout the process. And, as if that’s not enough, it’s an amazing value for the price and it’s led by an incredible lady, Amanda Kerin!

I have been in the group now for just about three months, and I am absolutely hooked!! I have seriously never gotten so much done in my business and can’t possibly stress enough how fabulous this whole group and experience has been for me! It has definitely changed my life and my business both for the better, and I am absolutely a lifer in the Creative Women’s Mastermind!

How much does a mastermind group cost?

Mastermind groups can vary hugely in price. Some are in the thousands of dollars, and others are more affordable in the hundreds. You usually pay monthly for the duration of the mastermind.

I know from experience that every penny counts in the early years of business and support is VITAL. That’s why for Creative Women’s Mastermind I chose to intentionally keep The Mastermind Lounge membership affordable at £49 per month but the price increases in Jan 2021!

Who are mastermind groups for women in business for?

Mastermind groups are for committed women entrepreneurs who want to grow their business and increase their bottom line without going crazy trying to figure it out on their own, especially working from home.

Mastermind groups are for women in business who are committed to their success, and open to sharing and brainstorming ideas, knowledge and expertise to help each other achieve their goals.

Think of your mastermind group as your board of savvy business women supporting you, cheering you on, lifting you up when you’re having one of those tough days, sharing the wins when you want to celebrate. 

Mastermind groups are for those women in business who want to make a difference to the lives of their clients. Those women who need and want support as a leader away from the spotlight of their clients. 

Accountability, focus, shared ideas, knowledge, experience and a strategy that allows them to commit to achieving their hopes and dreams inside and outside of their business. 

Collaborations, opportunities and an increased network are just some of the benefits of a mastermind group. Mastermind groups are a powerful resource to help you grow your business.

Masterminds are for you if:

  • You want to connect with women just like you, who also work from home and want to build, scale & grow their business online. You want to be more productive, focused and confident to achieve your goals and need some accountability.
  • You’re happy to share your experience, knowledge and skills. Giving and receiving is a two way street – it helps all of us!
  • You know the ol’ saying ‘you get out what you put in’ so you would commit to showing up to as many masterminds as you can (we get that life happens though)
  • You want to learn from our experts and believe that hard work pays off and overnight successes aren’t real!
  • You’re open to being stretched and challenged and pushed out of your comfort zone.
  • You’re willing to contribute and know that investing in yourself and your business will be rewarding in the long-term.
  • You’ve already started your business and are responsible for getting clients and your cash flow. 
  • You’re committed to working hard and making regular progress on making your dreams a reality.
  • You want to be part of a mastermind group for solopreneurs community. 
  • You’re ready to connect, grow your network and increase business opportunities.
  • You’re ready to invest in yourself and your business.

Masterminds are not for you if:

  • You’re aren’t dedicated to spending time with the other loungers to build relationships.
  • You’re looking for an overnight success/quick fix for your business. We’re here for ongoing support, connection and growing our businesses.
  • You don’t believe that balance is key for women in business and know that personal development is also important.
  • You’re only looking to sell your services/products. We encourage collaboration and supporting our members businesses, but there’s a balance. 
  • You’re only interested in a 6 figure business and perfect social media highlights. We’re about keeping things real, sharing the highs and the lows of business; including tears and laughter.
  • You’re not willing to dedicate time to growing your business, work productivity, share and exchange experiences, set goals, socialise and develop your network.
  • You don’t need accountability and support to go to the next level in your business
  • You’re too busy to regularly show up and commit to the masterminds.

Want to know more about Creative Women’s Mastermind? Email or book a call.

Written by Amanda Kerin

Amanda Kerin is the founder of Creative Women’s Mastermind, an online Mastermind & Co-working Community. "It’s my mission to connect women in business working from home to alleviate isolation. We accelerate our businesses, learn from experts and each other, and get stuff done. Think of us as your board of savvy business women who have fun too!"

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