3 steps to becoming an Entrepreneur

Aug 20, 2020

When you’re feeling frustrated, confused and off track with your business, it can be disheartening to say the least. 

You want to feel in control and organised so you can spend more time implementing for growth, and heading in the right direction.

What I’ve learnt is that you often have to take a step back before you can take a step forward. 

If you keep moving forward taking action with a fingers crossed strategy, you’ll be in the same place, in another week.

Want to have clarity with your business? Try these 3 steps to becoming the entrepreneur you want to be:

1. Move through your feelings by taking action

As an empath I know only too well how feelings can derail you when you’re trying to focus and work from home.

When you aren’t feeling it and simply want to take a break it can be very tempting to give yourself some time off and choose not to move forward on your business. 

Don’t get me wrong, there are occasions where you need to take a break – I’m all for self care, but there are also times where you need to call yourself out on the excuses you keep telling yourself.

You need to question yourself in that moment and determine if it’s an excuse or you’re genuinely feeling exhausted. If you’re procrastinating and finding 101 excuses to not do what you know you need to do, STOP IT! 

Try moving through your feelings by taking action. Focus on the small/quick win tasks to get you started. If there’s a genuine reason, like you’re feeling misaligned, then investigate what’s going on. Remember why you started your business.

You could even step away from your desk for a ‘short’ time, move your body with a bit of exercise, washing up or the laundry. But ultimately you want to keep your focus on the ‘forward’ not the ‘feeling’.

The more small tasks you do, the more you will begin to experience productivity and feel better by accomplishing smaller tasks. Then you can move onto the more exciting bigger projects when you’re on a roll 😉 

2. Get organised

As an ex radio producer and event manager, being organised comes naturally to me, but I know it can also be a really difficult skill to master. 

Being organised isn’t sexy but it is powerful and an important foundation level to your business. If being organised isn’t your thing, the first thing you can try is writing a list with everything you need to get organised and sorted out. 

What is going to help you show up to your business everyday and start your day effortlessly without getting caught up in the weeds?

Take a step back from your business to get yourself organised with proper structure, workflows and a schedule. This is a crucial step in getting more out of your week, making progress and feeling less frustrated.

When you focus on getting your ducks in a row you will start to see a huge shift in clarity, confidence and the clients will come.

The great thing about getting organised with your business, is once it’s done it’s done. Your day to day will be much more seamless and enjoyable.

3. Make a Plan:

You want to turn up to your business everyday with a clear plan of action and know exactly what you’ve got to do that day to move your business forward.

Making a plan will help you get from where you are to where you want to go. It is a journey from A – B. You wouldn’t set off on a journey without a map and a GPS (in my case!) so the same applies to your business. 


No, not always! 

Because you may not know how you’re going to reach your ultimate goal, you may be confused by trying all the things, and you may also like to complicate things 😉 

You need to break it down, step by step.

If you’re trying to reach an income goal, you will need to start by reverse engineering that number and work backwards.

e.g. if you want to earn a five figure month and you are offering your 1-1 package at $3,500, you will need 3 clients. 

Then breakdown the next step; how are you going to do that, and so on.

When you’re working on your business, you lose perspective because you’re in the trenches consuming it every day. You’re dealing with the everyday tasks it takes to build your business and serving your clients, but it’s essential to come up for air, look ahead and think strategically and course correct if necessary.

Ask yourself…

  • WHERE am I heading?
  • HOW am I going to get there?
  • WHO is going to help me? (because you can’t do it all on your own – trust me, I tried!)
  • CREATE a plan 

Decide on a system to use, i.e asana, Trello or pen and paper and take action. 

I know you can grow your business, I believe in you. It will probably take longer than you think, it always does PLUS life happens in between as well.

But it will take even longer if you try and do it on your own. 

Need help creating your plan

If you’ve found these 3 steps to becoming and Entrepreneur helpful, my 6 week coaching package will help you remove your frustration, get organised with a clear plan ahead so you are back on track and loving your business.

Ready to get started or want to know more? Book your free discovery call or email me today.

Written by Amanda Kerin

Amanda Kerin is the founder of Creative Women’s Mastermind, an online Mastermind & Co-working Community. "It’s my mission to connect women in business working from home to alleviate isolation. We accelerate our businesses, learn from experts and each other, and get stuff done. Think of us as your board of savvy business women who have fun too!"

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