About Us

We’re a community of women in business working from home.

We’re here to connect and accelerate our businesses and build quality relationships.

Our Masterminds, coworking and content creation sessions help us feel more connected whilst working from home.

We are freelancers, business owners and side hustlers who want to connect with other like minded creative women and focus on moving our business forward.

Who are we?

Creative Women’s Mastermind is global community supporting women in business working from home. We do this through masterminds, expert masterclasses, coworking and content creation sessions and retreats in the French Alps.

Creative Women’s Mastermind came about because having achieved a goal of location independence, I suddenly felt very lonely and isolated in business. 

Our mission is to connect you with other women in business working from home to accelerate your business.

Our vision is to provide a supportive community enabling like minded women the opportunities to connect regularly and to end the isolation working from home. 

We do this by creating an online space to be super productive and moving our businesses forward together, whilst having fun at the same time!

I loved Amanda’s mastermind sessions. I got great advice, was able to help fellow entrepreneurs and gained access to new products and services being tested by women in the group. It was a great way to make friends, build connections and gain feedback about the courses I was creating and advice about how to move forward in my business.

Natalie Britt, Big Happy Life

I have really valued the time I spent in Creative Women’s Mastermind and the contacts I have made as a result, some of whom are now friends. It was really motivating to meet with women who each have their own skills and unique ideas and businesses. As a result of being in the mastermind I have been able to cement my ideas for Bristol Papillon, and launch my new workshops. Amanda is a great leader and very knowledgeable, and so I would highly recommend this to anyone thinking of joining!

Becs Miller, Bristol Papillon

Amanda did an awesome job with our mastermind group. It was a wonderful experience and so nice to bounce ideas off of one another. We seem to have so much in common and a wonderful connection!! I’ve been in mastermind groups before and even set one up myself, choosing all the ladies and it didn’t work out as wonderful as this. Thank you Amanda for giving me the opportunity to meet some amazing ladies that I hope to continue to connect with!!

Theresa M. Kuhn, Healing Within







Who am I?

Hi, I’m Amanda, a straight-talking Somerset Girl who achieved a goal of location independence over 3 years ago, but then suddenly felt lost. 

I fell in love, moved to the French Alps and became isolated in my business. My personal life was blooming but I was lonely and felt like a failure on the inside. My confidence and business were affected.

Memberships groups and Facebook groups just weren’t cutting it because I was missing that human connection with like minded women.

I wanted to feel connected and more supported and be around other women in business working from  home.

My transient lifestyle and language barriers halted progress of a physical mastermind, so I created a virtual one online and hence Creative Women’s Mastermind was born in October 2018.

In person masterminds are coming soon though! Click here if you want to hear more.

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